Erica Olson

Rookie (April 14th 1994 / Princeton Minnesota)

Biography of Erica Olson

i've been writting poetry since i was in seventh grade.
some qualities about me are i'm passionate about animals. I'm very protective over thngs in my life, i'm an awesome person to cuddle with and easy to talk to. I'm a very good writter, i'm able to fix almost anything around the house.
some flaws about me are: I'm very competative because I like to show off. I can be very damanding/bossy, I get mad no one should be near me, when i get nervous i get giddy and nutty. Updates

Wrong Impression

stupid things happen when you're not thinking
not trying to do something or haven't though through it
don't do things stupid to just get some ones attention
it isn't worth it
you would give off the wrong impression
pressuring you into do something stupid
but don't do it
do waht is right
stupid things YOU do can effect your friends, family, people you love

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