Erica Smith

Rookie (06-24-1987 / Denver)

Biography of Erica Smith

I am 22 and just figuring out that I am at the start of the end. I am trying to figure out my purpose in life. I had my daughter Paige who is now 5 when I was barely 17 and until recently didn't think of anything in the category of 'purpose' besides her. I am going to school for surgical technology for two reasons.1) Primarily because anatomy and physiology fascinate me and 2) Because its what society says your supposed to do and since I have no acceptable role models I am trying to piece together the remnants of morality and reason from our wicked, havoc-ridden, excuse for an American dream. Jaded yes, cynical perhaps, lost more than anything. I use my poetry as a positive tool to get somewhere in my sea of thoughts. Thanks for reading. Updates

My Poems

Writing is and isn't my peace
Because I can't write fast enough
Desire to pour it out on paper
Look at it
Disect it
Taste it and digest it
Consuming my brain brings clarity
I'm not scared of me
It's my therapy
Cuz the shrinks can't eat what they see


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