Erica Smith

Rookie (06-24-1987 / Denver)

Biography of Erica Smith

I am 22 and just figuring out that I am at the start of the end. I am trying to figure out my purpose in life. I had my daughter Paige who is now 5 when I was barely 17 and until recently didn't think of anything in the category of 'purpose' besides her. I am going to school for surgical technology for two reasons.1) Primarily because anatomy and physiology fascinate me and 2) Because its what society says your supposed to do and since I have no acceptable role models I am trying to piece together the remnants of morality and reason from our wicked, havoc-ridden, excuse for an American dream. Jaded yes, cynical perhaps, lost more than anything. I use my poetry as a positive tool to get somewhere in my sea of thoughts. Thanks for reading. Updates


(I wrote this poem in 2002 about my best friend who committed suicide in Dec 2005)

I miss my soul mate
My girl who's always there to console me
When this loneliness turns to hate

We're looked down upon
And discriminated against

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