Erich Eigenseher

Rookie (November 21,1978 / Anaheim, California)

Biography of Erich Eigenseher

Raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Schooled and lived in Northeast, Ohio until 20 years of age. Moved about the country as a vegabond for the last 7 years. Recently came back to Ohio to get a grip on life. Now I am a chef at a local tavern trying to break free from the addiction of alcohol. Not much of a biography but then I believe my poems show a sense of self deprecation that is the thread of my exsitence. Not that I am without hope I have an eternal sureness that my life will be all that I want, it is just that I have
seen so much suffering that it makes me wonder when the best part of the human existence is going to rear it's head. Updates

Lost In The Dark

Lost in the dark
like wandering through a park
far away in an unknown land
one hope holding a strand
of unknown feeling not really here
not really anywhere only lost
lost in a dream
life isn't what it seems
can't find a comfort

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