Erick Horning

Rookie (11/07/89 / Buffalo NY)

Biography of Erick Horning

my name is Erick Horning. I live in a small town called pembroke. Im currently in a band and play out every weekend and i happen to be the youngest in the band seeing that there all forty and im 19. I play guitar and write lots of poems and just recently started to put them on here. I mainly write these poems because i probably feel down about something or am really happy and i like to turn my poems into songs Updates

I Would Adore

What do you do when your lost in translation without a clue.
Do you sit or go through pushing though deep down the mark is blue.
I don't like to surrender and lose the fight but in this situation I just might.
The truth is i dont want to but how can i see your love through.

I wish that i could turn away and make the pain fade away.
And so close i get from forgetting you but my sight goes straight for you.
The same old feelings are back again now fight the good fight from within.
Soon an

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