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Biography of erie morganmaples

i stared writing poetry when i was 13 years of age, my dad taught me how to write and it just kinda stuck with me through the years, when i write my poems they are all based on what people have said to me, or what person impacted me to write that poem about them or what i couldn've said to them at that moment in time,

my poetry comes from my heart and soul, it's the one thing that keeps me going as a person, and it's the one emotion that i don't have to set down and tell some-one about, my poetry is very private and personal and i don't like to talk to people about the things that i write or what i'm feeling i truly think that poetry is the way to express what you are truly feeling inside.

And i think that's what my poetry does to me, when i write it or even post it i feel like i've outreached some-one and even some-how touched their lives in a way that i thought i never could, so my poetry can be used for good alot of times.

erie morganmaples's Works:

none yet but i did write a poetry book for my mother for mother's day and she still has it to this day Updates

Silent Darkenss Of Chaos

I clutched the vortex of the
dark silence of chaos that
seemed to surround me forever
and never.

But you now realize how
the perennial-desire that
now seems to have an
impulse that gives into

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