erika benitez

Rookie (august 31,1989 / Bronx, NY)

Biography of erika benitez

hi my name is erika anais benitez
i was born and raise in the bx but then i move to harlem. i have 6 siblings and that mean i have 4 sisters and thier names are Cessy, Nina, Cely, Amanda, and i have to 2 brothers names are Carlos, MIchael.
my life been crazy for the last 19 yrs. so thats when i figure how to stop myself from stressing and that by writing in my book about how i feel and my poems. but thats all i have for u so bye. Updates

Without You

Without you i can't breath
Without you i can't sleep
Without you i can't eat
I'm lost without you
Without you i mean nothing
Without you i feel invisible
Without you i'm helpless
I'm lost without you
Without you can't think

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