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  • Aaron Duran (5/5/2009 1:56:00 AM)

    I once had a pain, that shot up my spine, that brought me right down to my knees
    I would have never believed, that any pain could be worse, until my heart began to bleed
    The reason for blood, was a angel from god, who had me but lied and decieved
    But the past is the past, a new life I have lived, but the light has still yet to be seen
    For what are the answers, to the questions I seek, or the reason my chest has my heart in beneathTo forget I have tried but I was living a dream, for the rest of my life my heart will now bleed...

    -lttle missy-
    I fell in love with you the day I met you... Things have changed and life has tooken us down seperate roads. Choices have been made that one wouldl neither admit to regret. Life is short and you live and you learn. One thing that I've lived to learn is that it is okay to have regret. And I will regret the fact that I wasnt their for you when you needed me most... I love you and will always love you until the day my lungs can no longer breathe... God bless you...
    -I miss you mamas-

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Is It Possible?

Is it possible to really love?
To love someone more then life?
Surviving for that one person?
Living life just to meet that one guy?

Is it really possible to love?
To love that one guy you never met?
Is it possible they love you back the same?
Can they be thinking the same as me?

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