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Rookie (6/19/91 / Hell)

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Oh how much there is to know but what it is we do that our feeble human minds can comprehend is simply pathetic. I will not run you through this in the traditional, flavorless fashion. I was born, I grew up, nothing happened in my life and I've come to terms with that and so should you.

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it is published on, i beseech you investigate it

(in case you care I am currently in a scrutinizing editing process and attempting recognition from a publishing company— my only and terribly sad problem in this is my petty monetary dillema. I have no money. More on this publication thing as it brings its ugly head to light) Updates


There is no God without the Devil,
There is not one without the other.
With no acceptance one gains no level.
There is no child without a mother.

Without evil there can be no good.
There is no day without the night.
This concept? Rarely understood.
But knowing the dark glorifies the light.

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