Erin Bryce

Rookie (6/19/91 / Hell)

Biography of Erin Bryce

Erin Bryce poet

Oh how much there is to know but what it is we do that our feeble human minds can comprehend is simply pathetic. I will not run you through this in the traditional, flavorless fashion. I was born, I grew up, nothing happened in my life and I've come to terms with that and so should you.

Erin Bryce's Works:


it is published on, i beseech you investigate it

(in case you care I am currently in a scrutinizing editing process and attempting recognition from a publishing company— my only and terribly sad problem in this is my petty monetary dillema. I have no money. More on this publication thing as it brings its ugly head to light) Updates

Conceive It Proper

Doctor of man I am nothing in compare to either of their merit
Between gentlemen, despicable and more despicable are not worth the pains of a distinction
A man here lost his life and I sat by idly, I sorrowfully swear it
The ludicrousness of such an honor defense will be here admitted without discretion

Burr never treated me badly in fact we were somewhat friends
‘Twas a fair fight, Pendleton and I both agree
Even for him this duel ended sadly the lives of his daughter and his politics b

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