Erin Hanson Biography

My names Erin Hanson. I was born in Phenoix, Arizona, my father Micheal left me when i was only 2 years old. When me and my mother Susan moved to Dallas, Texas.

My mom met a guy named Kyle, marring him when i was about 4. He adopted me when i was in the 4th grade at the age of 9. Before that when i was 6 they had my brother named Clayton. He is my half brother.

My Mom&Kyle had been togehter for almost 10 years when they decided to get in a divorce becuase he was abusing me and my little brother too much, and they just didnt get along that well.

Im now in the 9th grade at J.J.Pearce High School, and would like to get a scholarship in art. I would like to carry my carrer to Texas Tech to get a degree in Interior Design.

i love everyone. =)

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