jokhat 06 February 2020
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acsaacac 27 January 2020
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Erin.J 14 July 2019
I'd like to know what the name of the poem is called, the first line states, " From the second that you're in this world."
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Marlouise 16 May 2019
Hey i dont know how to ask this but im studing to become a drama teacher and i would really love for you to help me on one of your poems she and him. I love how you wrote it but i dont understand why. I feel that there is a deeper meaning behind your poem and is there a way you can maby explain the poem more. Thank you so much. Regards
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Stella J 27 March 2019
You’re poems and quotes are so amazing I can’t even find words to describe them. Thank you ??
4 4 Reply
Kat W 08 March 2019
Thank you so much Erin for your beautiful poems. You describe how I feel when I can't even begin to. Thank you!
4 3 Reply
R Piercey 16 February 2019
I don't know if you'll read this, or if you'll see this and care. But all I want to to know is that you were my stepping stone. When I first read your poems, it filled me with air, gave me a life they could not take. Then it grew even larger still and made me again. So please, whatever you do. Continue to write.
9 2 Reply
Ghazala Mohsin 03 February 2019
Love you ?
6 2 Reply
Jemisha Anderson 26 December 2018
Your poems are really inspiring and I love them so much. Many are very eye-opening and I love that you have the confidence to put your thoughts into poems. I hope you continue to write such beautiful poems.
8 2 Reply
Mary Jensen 06 December 2018
Was your Mother Susan Aills Hanson? If so, please contact me.
3 9 Reply
Jamie Sky 01 October 2018
All your poems are darn beautiful.
11 1 Reply
Grace 20 June 2018
I love your poetry, you inspired me to write. I have a book review website called I started putting some of my poetry on it recently after I handed in a poem I wrote with a pen name to my teachers. You are an amazing poet and bring hope with every poem you write.
10 1 Reply
Erik Molbach 12 June 2018
It's I'm lying here on top of you, unless you left an egg.
5 10 Reply
reba johnson 21 May 2018
holo erin hanson! :) i am such a big fan plzz tell me the name of the poem that's like if i showed you my teardrops would u collect them like rain store them....
5 4 Reply
Suma Shaijan 18 April 2018
Please tell me what is the name of the poem ' you can write for hours on hours...
5 4 Reply
teresa Conner 13 April 2018
hi erin Hanson I wanted to know which poem was the one with the starting with Monday part about a girl that disappeared. whats that title
4 4 Reply
Olivia 06 April 2018
This poetry stoped me from killing myslef so I am so grateful
14 2 Reply
Sasha 06 March 2018
is this the famous e.h. who's poems keep coming up on my pinterest dashboard?
13 5 Reply
emily 29 January 2018
what's the poem that starts with welcome to society
15 4 Reply
Evangeline 22 January 2018
Your poetry is absopositivelutely spectacular. :)
15 2 Reply

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