Erin McElderry

Rookie [Erin Meade] (August 22,1997 / Des Moines, Iowa)

Biography of Erin McElderry

Erin Meade McElderry was born in Des Moines, Iowa, on August 22,1997. She began writing poems around the age of twelve, and has continued it for three years. The majority of her poems are shorter (she can only carry one idea throughout an entire piece for so long) , and loves what she does. The slacker she is, Erin is unemployeed but hoping to soon get a job to pay for clothes and video games. She is very into the arts: writing, drawing, music, acting, photography, etc.

People say that teenagers don't know what love is, what loss is, what real pain is. I disagree....I think that a child can suffer just as much in ten years as an adult has in thirty. And love....It's not true for all young couples, but the love between two sixteen-year-olds, rare as it is, can be just as real as the love between two married for twenty years.

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Psssst, although it may not show, I'm related to Edgar Allen Poe. That rhymed. Updates

Not Exactly Broken

I've felt pain before,
But losing you was the worst
Never could I even hope
That you would be my first
What the hell was I thinking
When I lost you again
I'd scold myself, but I'm afraid
That you wouldn't love me, then.
You can't deny that you love me,

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