Erin Murray

Rookie (24th May,1994 / Australia)

Biography of Erin Murray

Hard upbringing, learnt many lessons the hard way. But thats no excuse for the way i lived my life up until now. Went completely off the rails, taking nobody but me into consideration. Making myself feel like a victim by my own actions. I was stupid, and careless. And it got me nowhere but downhill. I got help, turned my life around using the amazing support i still got from my family, my mum especially. The crap i put her threw, i'm amazingly priveledged to have her still standing by me. I found out i have Bipolar and BorderLine Personality Disorder. I don't feel sorry for myself. Life is much harder, confusing and frustrating with these complications, but i believe i wouldn't be me if i was considered 'normal'. Im on medication, and i'm improving everyday. It's a long process, but with the amazing help that i have, i know i'll one day make every hard step i have to take now worth while. Updates

My Love

Love is not a feeling, a thought, a memory, a word, nor is it numerous.

Love is much more than that, and to find it is to have found your reason for existence.

You'll know when you've found love because it will never leave your heart once it's there.

Once found, love is a necessity to exist, like food, water, shelter and air.

My love makes me feel safe, wanted, and for once in my life happy.

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