Eris Watson

Rookie (During the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, one would presume. / Queen Elizabeth II hospital, England)

Biography of Eris Watson

I don't normally write poems. I do it as a thought process or a way of managing things. Ordering words like numbers can help because emotions don't normally fit into boxes, but here is a zoo for them.
I do write other things, often short stories and longer ones, I've had two failed attempts at novels and now i'm writing a script which is better than anything else I've written.
I also write for a school newspaper. I'm writing an article about the Holocaust which i want to send somewhere big to make people listen to it.

Eris Watson's Works:

I haven't got any but feel welcome to rate my abilities to write as a 14 year old at I will eventually publish Wired, my script, online, once i have written and copyrighted it. Updates

Grey Noise

Figures of flawless grey
bent against the wind.
Filled with empty
up to the brim.
Topped up
with vacant void.
Grey even creeps into sunlight.
They've had it up to here.
Nothing is truly black,

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