Eris Watson

Rookie (During the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, one would presume. / Queen Elizabeth II hospital, England)

Biography of Eris Watson

I don't normally write poems. I do it as a thought process or a way of managing things. Ordering words like numbers can help because emotions don't normally fit into boxes, but here is a zoo for them.
I do write other things, often short stories and longer ones, I've had two failed attempts at novels and now i'm writing a script which is better than anything else I've written.
I also write for a school newspaper. I'm writing an article about the Holocaust which i want to send somewhere big to make people listen to it.

Eris Watson's Works:

I haven't got any but feel welcome to rate my abilities to write as a 14 year old at I will eventually publish Wired, my script, online, once i have written and copyrighted it. Updates


I want the misty mountains.
Not like they are now,
But how
They were a year or so ago.
In my head,
I’m building them like a tower of cards.
I want them just as they were
In those few hours;
Use the desk lamp to make a summer’s day.

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