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  • Dianna Clary (1/6/2009 7:18:00 AM)

    Good poem keep up the writing

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As Time Goes By

As time goes by like it does
I want to cry for what once was
I look back at the places my folks have been
I see their faces in the wind
all their homes fallen or plowed down
they lay motionless in the ground
I look at their tombstones all thats left
and know laying beneath
is their bones, gone to the thief called death
some were good others bad
I cant help thinking
of the times they had
planting cooking fishing
both work and play
it was survival day by day
each having their chores and things they made
what some had others didnt
they would ...

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About Edgar Lee Masters

this rant contains some words of Edgar, s spoon river anthology, The Hill

'Lo he babbles of the fish frys of long ago of the horse races long ago at Clarys Grove of what Lincoln said one time in Springfield'

Edgar longed for the days of old
with a spirit of new
now he, s old long gone and i do too
with a mind as sharp as a sliver
he now rests with the folks he wrote of

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