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  • Dianna Clary (1/6/2009 7:18:00 AM)

    Good poem keep up the writing

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Oregon Trail

In our wagon
cutting through the trail
not much food to be braggin
nor water in our pail
nothing but trees in our view
one lame horse
and another that lost a shoe
light fading to darkness
sitting up camp
not too cold
but somewhat damp
as we cut through the trail
we see stones
of others that fell
not here to roam
doing our best
going to sit up home
in the west

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Christmas Tree

Here I am standing in a forest of trees
along came a man with axe in hand and children to please
he wacked away at my trunk leaving chips of me on the ground
I fell with compense making a swishing sound
he drug me along a little trail
at this point my fate didnt look so well
the wind was rustling my branches on top of the car
I hoped I didnt have to go too far
now im decorated with tinsel and lights that glow

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