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  • Dianna Clary (1/6/2009 7:18:00 AM)

    Good poem keep up the writing

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Sneaky Curse- King Tut's Tomb

King Tuts Tomb
in the valley of kings
his deaths womb
among his things

surviving raiders for a while
rubble hidden door
not far from the nile
it lays forevermore

along came carter
at canarvans command
to tuts things barter
hand from hand

now the treasure gone
from tomb number seven
the flight of a swan
his spirit in heaven

then carter died
from a bite on the cheek
thought the curse lied
oh what a sneak

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I Do Pray

Let me see over the mountain oh so high
Let me drink from the fountain now so dry
Why are those i love in such pain
Have they done something oh so vein?
Like those before us we work and try
When will there be silence to our cry?
I sit here alone in my domain
thoughts of despair listening to the rain
As i grow in my years my cry is dry

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