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Ernest Hilbert is the author of three collection of poetry, Sixty Sonnets, All of You on the Good Earth, and Caligulan, which was selected as winner of the 2017 Poets’ Prize. He lives in Philadelphia where he works as a rare book dealer, opera librettist, and book reviewer for The Washington Post. His poem “Mars Ultor” appears in Best American Poetry 2018.

Ernest Hilbert's Works:

Sixty Sonnets (2009) , All of You on the Good Earth (2013) , Caligulan (2015) . Updates

The Haywain

Bosch’s demons, roosting against
The luminous sky of the Low Countries,
Emerge shaped of stone or dirty light,
Perched atop the haywain blowing
Long slender horns. These jigging imps,
Eager to guide peasants from their

Rustic scenery to another unknowable one,
Are themselves missing or far