Ernest Makuakua

Gold Star - 9,277 Points (30-09-1990 / South africa)

Biography of Ernest Makuakua

Ernest Makuakua poet

I am Ernest Makuakua, THE LEGENDARY POET. I am a son of God, from the son of another son and happened to be someone who loved something like poetry and became a poet. I am Ernest but Poets prefer to call me THE LEGENDARY POET in short THE LEGEND.

This Blessing i take to head for it just lifts me up anytime anywhere anyway that is it. I like to be different from other people normal people call it unusual or just not ordinary i call it Unique.

I'm the legend and the legend is best I'm the one and only- no other.

Ernest Makuakua's Works:

Nothing yet but ive written for interlect recently the internet magazine.featured on Voices for peace by Marita Maglas Updates

Pray Before You Die

You will not experience hunger,
you will not experience hatred,
you will not experience love, but dont worry God has already provided it.
You will be free from lives miserable duties, the corrupt nation of your government.

Yes you will be forgotten and some wont even think of your existance yet some will make use of you.

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