Ernest Makuakua

Gold Star - 9,277 Points (30-09-1990 / South africa)

Ernest Makuakua Quotes

  • ''We don't meet by chance we meet by fate
    be you and make use of the opportunity
    and remember to be true to who you are
    never forget your values''
    Ernest G Makuakua
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  • ''Every story of peace
    breath a portion of violence history''
    Ernest G Makuakua
  • ''Be careful in hiding with corners
    Every corner have an edge and some sharp to harm you
    Be on the open''
    Ernest G Makuakua
  • ''if you do not accept yourself the way you are
    how do you expect others to.
    you wont be what people want for its not in their destiny to evolve for you. either adapt or depart.
    Be original for you were made to be''
    Ernest G Makuakua
  • ''The reason a person tells you His or Her pain is because they trust that you can keep it to yourself not spread to the world and cause more pain. Only dogs are happy eating from the dirt of other people. You are Human stop it with the dogish behavior.''
    Ernest G Makuakua
  • ''Great blessings come dressed up in thorns
    so do not be afraid of this pain
    as much as it pains
    you can pass this bush with such thorns
    trust Gods hand''
    Thinking of the pains we discover in this world that yes as it may seem impossible, feels like thorns there's reality that nothing is impossible as long as you believe in the Most high. Ernest G. Makuakua
  • ''A Bird hit by stone that is was pulled back
    An arrow is pulled backwards to strike the object
    Never fear as you are dragged back or pulled back
    a bull also reverses in order to gain strength to move forward when it sees an obstacle.
    you will gain your strength''
    Ernest G. Makuakua
  • ''Life Knocks you down at all times and wont give you a chance to stand But you need to Decide if You Live or Leave.''
    Sometime while sitting and thinking of how much time we can sit and waste time thinking how things could have gone better IF...but then i had to ask why cant we just live with it or leave without it. We exist to exit So either we live it or leave it. Leave and live. Live so you can leave By Ernest G. Makuakua
  • ''Gone are those days of impossible Now the dawn of this Day
    Comes with possibilities

    Never judge the future with the past''
    Ernest G Makuakua
  • ''Do not keep one down For when they stand you will definitely fall, Help one to stand and you'll be strong together''
    Ernest G Makuakua

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