Ernestine Northover

Veteran Poet - 1,353 Points (25th March 1943)

Ernestine Northover Poems

241. Circus Time 6/6/2006
242. My Happiness Is....... 5/10/2006
243. The Welcomed Intruder 3/11/2006
244. Harbour Lights 4/21/2006
245. I Shall Always Wear Pink 5/25/2008
246. * In An Empty Box 1/27/2011
247. This Great Outdoors 8/10/2006
248. This River 2/23/2009
249. Patterns Of Herringbone 5/27/2008
250. An Abundant Light 3/17/2006
251. An Alien Place 8/18/2006
252. Oh, The Hats At Ascot 6/21/2006
253. New Dreams Begin 5/24/2009
254. Money, Money, Money! ! ! 7/14/2006
255. A Passing Fancy 8/5/2007
256. An Eerie Game 7/8/2006
257. Comes The Changes 2/22/2008
258. Old Shanty Town 7/20/2006
259. Chasing The Train 6/17/2006
260. When The Chips Are Down 3/20/2006
261. When The Clouds Are Crying 4/24/2006
262. An Architectural Dream 6/5/2006
263. Another Day 10/6/2006
264. Stirring The Silence 8/3/2007
265. This Grim Place 4/25/2008
266. Help! ! 9/12/2006
267. My Hero 12/12/2006
268. A Kettledrum's Arena 7/23/2007
269. Waiting For Her Knock 3/5/2006
270. An Answer, Please! 8/15/2006
271. Where I Belong 6/26/2006
272. Maybe Tomorrow 6/28/2006
273. Turning Back The Clock 9/3/2009
274. A Simple Flower 6/27/2006
275. No Devilry 10/3/2006
276. The Visiting Aunts 3/8/2006
277. New Seeds Will Be Sown 10/24/2006
278. Across The Window 1/28/2009
279. * The Moon Is....... 2/2/2011
280. Broken Wings 5/13/2006

Comments about Ernestine Northover

  • Andrew Blakemore Andrew Blakemore (9/2/2008 5:23:00 AM)

    I was introduced to the poems of Ernestine by Duncan Wyllie who told me that she was a very fine poet who wrote in a similar style to myself. I cannot thank him enough for that message. As I read through her work I was amazed by their quality. It is said that all great poets possess a very beautiful mind and Ernestine certainly falls into that category. Best wishes, Andrew x

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    1 person did not like.
  • Scarlett Treat (11/6/2006 12:02:00 PM)

    The clear, perfect beauty of nature, whether in calm or storm, at sea or on land - that is what Ernestine is all about! Her love for this earth and all its joys and beauties and sorrows are here....and it is a real treat to read her work. Sit back with a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy!

  • A Youthful Srcribe (9/1/2006 4:22:00 AM)

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE your poetry. You (and your poems) are certainly an inspiration to me, as everytime I log on to this site I hope to unearth another mind-numbingly spectacular poem written by you. When I read your words, I realize that you have a gift that no one else has, a key I should say. The key that you possess lets you wander the paths of emotions, as your control of emotions is like the winds at the beach. Your wind is able to sway the grass on those sand dunes eloquently or violenty, romantically or comedically. The poems that you write come from a place that most people are only able to feel. As a 17 year old about to embark on the quirky journey that is life, I just want to say thank you for letting me share in the delight that are your poems.

    Most Regards,

  • K. Jared Hosein K. Jared Hosein (3/14/2006 11:36:00 PM)

    After reading much of her poetry, it is certainly truthful, and I say this with confidence, that Ernestine Northover's work is some of the best I have come across, spanning from different themes of womanhood to wistful everyday life to splendid love. With a rhyming scheme in her poems, emotional themes and her words patterned into forming luminous and resplendent images whilst being read, whether it be in one's mind and through one's mouth, I also find myself saying with confidence, no matter how much my personal opinion usually differs from everyone else's, that one would find that after reading her work, some might not only linger, but may embed itself into one's mind.

    Personally, Ernestine, it is an honour and a pleasure to be able to talk to you and to get to know you.

    - K.

  • Richard Denning (2/22/2006 12:27:00 PM)

    It's great to see you back as No.1! ! There are some that grumble you should
    not be No.1. They loudly proclaim how great they are and in their poems, they
    think using complicated words with thought, makes them a genius. Well in my humble opinion, that is merely, mental masterbation. If these loud mouths are so great, where are their poems in the top 500?

    They will never understand that communication with a persons feeling and heart is the cornerstone of poetry. You do that as with other great poets like,
    Maya Angelu, Pablo Neruda and Langstion Huges, all people who are constantly
    in the top five of the top five hundred poets.

    There are a lot of great poets on poemhunter,
    who are happy for you and congratulate you.


  • Jim Watts (2/11/2006 8:01:00 PM)

    I noticed among nearly 12 thousand poets, this
    week YOU WERE CHOOSEN AS No.1!
    You've beaten a lot well know poets!
    Ernestine, my sincere congradulations!
    Jim Watts

  • David Mitchell (11/4/2005 3:10:00 PM)

    Anyone who has not read your poetry yet is in for a real treat. Your style is witty, pretty, and I think unique. You write poems because you love writing poems, and that comes out in them. Well done. Sincerely, David.

  • Mary Nagy (8/31/2005 3:17:00 PM)

    I have been reading your poems and am enjoying them so...much! I think you have such a wonderful way of writing and I look forward to reading more from you. I am so glad I found your poems, they are a real treasure. Sincerely, Mary

Best Poem of Ernestine Northover

Hold You In My Smile

Sweet moment, stay with me,
and pray do not flee so soon,
Let me enjoy the bliss of that
first kiss beneath the moon.
I wish to cradle this feeling,
that has only just been found,
A feeling that has unexpectedly
turned my world around.
Do not depart, Oh please remain
within my heart awhile,
So that I can savour you once more,
and hold you in my smile.

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Snow, falling thick and white, along the village street,
People struggling through the drifts, their shopping to complete,
Kids dragging sledges, excitement fills their minds,
Rolling a giant snowball, great, cos this is snow that binds.

Trees looking decorated up, with icicles that glint,
Branches weighed down with snow, which holds a golden tint,
That bright red sun that's setting, way out towards the west,
A wonderful rich vision, ordered at our Lord's behest.

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