Ershad Mazumder

Rookie [Divine Poet] (March 8, / House 1, Road 23B, Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh(Now live in Dhaka permanently.))

Biography of Ershad Mazumder

I have returned to my original pseudonym divine poet.I do not live in my soul.I am beyond my body and matter.insanity is my dress.Immorality is my religion.I am not a poet on my own. I do not compose on my own wish.Some one invisible whispers me and my hand composes as per dictation of the invisible he/she anytime anywhere.
My spirit has an invisible miracle pen.It writes on a water sheet and words are recorded in the eternity.
Divinity is the only tools through which one can read me.I am in conflict with my God.I see HIM dancing with HIS angels in heaven while my world is burning.I want to see HIM weeping. I shall set fire on His throne. So forget my mid time period and I do return my original position of divine poet.

Ershad Mazumder's Works:

1.Letters From My Mom
2.Poetry Anthology
3.Rhymes anthology
4.Letters From The Soul(english poetry anthology)
5.Letters From The Soul (French translation)
6.Letters From the Soul(urdu translation)
7.Nayika, a political fiction in Bangla
8.Dimer Khoshaye Path Chola, a fiction on BPD in Bangla
9.Nijeke Bibosro Kore(Translation of Arab women poets.)

Under process of publication
1. Krishna Kotha (Fiction)
2. Pita Putrake (Memoirs)
3. Gender Club (Fiction)
4. Kalo Kabider Kobita (Translation)
5. Turki Kobita (Translation) Updates

Heaven Of God

I do not desire a heaven of God
I am unhappy with His world of war
Planet is trembling, God is smiling
Peace has no place, it is fugitive.

I do not desire a heaven of God
Where angels smile like roses
And bees kiss lips of flowers
Dancing rivers are flowing from the sky.

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