Esharaj (Shilpa)

Biography of Esharaj (Shilpa)

A lost writer and a home poet. Home pet name is Shilpa. A south Indian gal, writing poems in her meaningful name of a poet Esharaj, means domination of hope. According to her, a poet is a person who is passionately in love with nature and humanity. She started writing about 6 years ago when loneliness seized her. She enjoyed the writing community there as there were many openings and challenges with all the writing groups. She also wrote for Poesies, Campus Magazines and other native publications. Updates

Divine Pages

By hook or by crook I dug it up
It was trapped by sacred spike
The spike of laws
Laws of murders and rapes
Laws of prayers and fasting
Laws of hell and heaven.

They shouted at me to close my heart
They warned at me to close my brain

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