Esmaeil Esbati

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Biography of Esmaeil Esbati

Born in 11th Feb 1959 in Tehran, the capital city of Iran(Persia) . At time I was only zero year, when I opened my mouth and read my first poem. It was all about her, she understood what I said, and I knew what I was saying. To the others they were only some sounds, sometimes like crying sometimes like a laughter. Anyhow, even now not everybody understands what I say, still to some poeple like crying to others like a laughter, but still she understands what I mean. Updates

Who Ate My Cake

It was my birthday,
a fantastic day of my life,
so many people came to the party,
some did not come,
some I forgot to invite,
some forgot the invitation,
some stuck in the traffic,
some had cold or a fewer the night before, could not wake up easily!
but my nice friends come,

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