Esmaeil Esbati

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Biography of Esmaeil Esbati

Born in 11th Feb 1959 in Tehran, the capital city of Iran(Persia) . At time I was only zero year, when I opened my mouth and read my first poem. It was all about her, she understood what I said, and I knew what I was saying. To the others they were only some sounds, sometimes like crying sometimes like a laughter. Anyhow, even now not everybody understands what I say, still to some poeple like crying to others like a laughter, but still she understands what I mean. Updates

The Flower In The Pot

Hey, the flower in the pot,
your root is in the pot,
your life is in the pot,
either it is cold or hot,
no matter in the palace or in a hut,
get rid of the pot,
expand ur root,
explore the life,
see the jungle,

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