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1. Far Away From Paradise 11/30/2007
2. How I Want 11/30/2007
3. Give Me Another Try 11/30/2007
4. These Feelings Won'T Leave 11/30/2007
5. Look What You Did To Me 11/30/2007
6. Untitled 11/30/2007
7. Struck By You 11/30/2007
8. Confused 11/30/2007
9. Thoughts I Can'T Let Go Of 11/30/2007
10. Should I? 11/30/2007
11. She's Alone 11/30/2007
12. Not Knowing 11/30/2007
13. When I Fall 11/30/2007
14. Real Life 11/30/2007
15. How Should I Feel? 11/30/2007
16. Looking For A Shooting Star 11/30/2007
17. Why God? 11/30/2007
18. Your The One 11/30/2007
19. You And Me 11/30/2007
20. When You'Re Gone 12/1/2007
21. What About.....? 12/1/2007
22. Unwanted 12/2/2007
23. Scars 12/2/2007
24. The Way 12/3/2007
25. Suicidal Me 12/3/2007
26. Stuck Here Without You 12/3/2007
27. Stuck By Me 12/3/2007
28. Still 12/3/2007
29. Shes Everything That I'M Not 12/3/2007
30. Say My Name 12/3/2007
31. Runaway Part 2 12/3/2007
32. Ready To Rid These Chains 12/3/2007
33. Pain 12/3/2007
34. Only You 12/3/2007
35. Obsession On Cloud Nine 12/3/2007
36. Never 12/3/2007
37. My Love For You 12/3/2007
38. Just To Let You Know 12/4/2007
39. Just Tell Me 12/4/2007
40. Its Been To Long 12/4/2007

Comments about ESPN CHICK

  • Eyan Desir (11/19/2009 9:20:00 PM)

    Wow that's a lot of Inspiration
    To write so many poems
    Maybe I should watch espn
    Like you...Good job...

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  • Gregory Collins (5/22/2008 10:25:00 PM)

    hell, try to write 1,000,000 poems before twenty, make them dig up john keats and gregory corsu to bury you, i like the attempt, almost being way to crazy at the top of the cliff, the fact that someone needs to act the stars

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Best Poem of ESPN CHICK

A Girl Like Me

I wonder why I can't die
Cause I'm filled with pain
Broken all over the place

And I'm still here in this flesh
Still moving when I should be six feet under

I tried hard to die but I'm still here
Knowing no one will miss me
Even though I wish he would miss me

Cause he meant everything to me
I wish he knew the way I felt

But he never will
Not till the day I die
Even though I have tried to tell him

I don't think he would ever love a girl like me
A girl who wishes she was dead

A girl who is broken inside and out
He would never...

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I Have To Stay Strong

I can't get rid of these thoughts of suicide
But I can't bare to give in to those thoughts
I've came to far
And I'm not going to give in

I look at the knife everyday
And I think about it time after time
But I know I can't give in
I have to stay strong

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