Esra Sloblock

Biography of Esra Sloblock

My 'auto' biography would refer to previous motorbikes. I'd rather contribute to a 'bi-graphy'. I am one of two parts of a whole. The whole being far greater than the sum of the parts. Bliss... Oh, go on then: ex-mechanic, ex-scaffolder, ex-technoguy, ex-biker gang, ex-poacher turned gamekeeper, expert at fucking the most important thing up, excited, exhilarated. I feel love(both ways) like NEVER before. You have no idea how I and we continue to grow. The poisonous evil, and I mean evil, that exists on this site is weak and feeble and must be crushed. Blessed are the righteous. Ez Updates

Kick Box In

I sit; and feel the cathode rays
Wash over me, ambitions erase
Electric opiates, I count the ways
That other things could fill my days
In early hours through potation haze
At endless screens I loyally gaze
Occasionally there is a phase
Of fascination for the latest craze
Complicated canapes

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