Esra Sloblock

Biography of Esra Sloblock

My 'auto' biography would refer to previous motorbikes. I'd rather contribute to a 'bi-graphy'. I am one of two parts of a whole. The whole being far greater than the sum of the parts. Bliss... Oh, go on then: ex-mechanic, ex-scaffolder, ex-technoguy, ex-biker gang, ex-poacher turned gamekeeper, expert at fucking the most important thing up, excited, exhilarated. I feel love(both ways) like NEVER before. You have no idea how I and we continue to grow. The poisonous evil, and I mean evil, that exists on this site is weak and feeble and must be crushed. Blessed are the righteous. Ez Updates

Unknown Depths

Expectation masked by denial
Blissful ignorance encouraged by the bottle
Reality is to blame

Honesty too much to bear for this man
Ostrich fallacy enables the sham
Approach of the end game

Body and soul full, of emptiness

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