Esra Sloblock

Esra Sloblock Poems

81. Fifty Not Out 1/13/2007
82. The Inadvertent Impressions Of Mr. David Harris Esq. 11/6/2007
83. A Painful Week 2/8/2007
84. Atchoo! - How Was It For You? 10/14/2006
85. You 7/5/2006
86. * Terms Of Engagement 6/13/2008
87. * I Can'T Tune These Heart Strings 5/4/2008
88. * No Retreat, No Surrender 9/29/2007
89. * Raspberries Aren'T The Only Fruit 9/30/2007
90. * If Wishes Were Horses... 5/6/2008
91. * Electrickery 6/29/2007
92. Cricket Explained 7/2/2006
93. Apache Blessing 6/29/2007
94. 40 9/24/2006
95. Always 7/2/2006
96. * A Real Match - My Favourite Anagram 5/31/2008
97. * Briefly... 8/23/2008
98. Bittersweet 5/31/2007
99. * Tell Me Quando? Quando? Quando? 5/26/2007
100. * Spectrum 5/11/2008
101. * Electric Lady 5/20/2007
102. * Cardiac Stormtrooper 6/29/2007
103. * Cracking Up And Falling Apart 9/4/2007
104. * Because You'Re Mine, I Walk The Line. (Sorry Johnny. R.I P.) 8/13/2007

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  • Anna Russell (11/30/2006 8:15:00 AM)

    I love this guy. Read him. That's an order...

    Anna xxx

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  • Adia Parker (10/26/2006 3:04:00 PM)

    I loved 'Chairman Miaow'. It was very nicely done. I thought it was cute and I plan to read more of your work soon.


Best Poem of Esra Sloblock

* Because You'Re Mine, I Walk The Line. (Sorry Johnny. R.I P.)

Unerring perambulation.
The infinite shining path
Is awash with surges
Of mellifluous ardour.

Oh, Tempest,
Come to me with all you have.
Burden me
With your angst,
Your fear,
Your demons.
Then prepare to see them slain.

It is I who choose
To enter the arena.
It is I who enter
Armed to the teeth.
Singular determination
And tungsten spirit
Guarantee my victory.

The unity
Of the entity
Is swayed by nought.
Dark forces be blinded
By the brilliance of our love.
Stack your carcasses behind us
And ...

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Risk Assessment

Years of practise striving for perfection
Variables include choice of confection
Temperature and duration calculation
Immerse with trepidation
Infinite few seconds of anticipation
Removal from brew with expectation
Then half a biscuit, devastation!
Critical mass reached, sweet annihilation
Trawling spoon brings partial satisfaction

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