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Esther Mukabi Poems

1. I Do 3/25/2007
2. Scream 2/23/2009
3. Whispers 2/23/2009
4. Change 2/23/2009
5. Mask 2/23/2009
6. Faces 2/23/2009
7. End 2/23/2009
8. Dreams 12/9/2009
9. Home 12/9/2009
10. Red Sky At Night 12/9/2009
11. Winter's End 12/9/2009
12. Since When? 12/9/2009
13. Not I 12/9/2009
14. Untitled 12/9/2009
15. Oh Pet! 12/9/2009
16. Perfect Gentleman 12/9/2009
17. You! 12/9/2009

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Scream in the morning when she opens her eyes
Scream in the evening as the last light dies
Scream in the night while the demons attack
Scream in the day. They are back.

Scream in the office as she answers the phone
Scream in the street when she’s walking home
Scream in the pub, over a game of pool
Scream in the theatre as she plays the fool

Scream in the shower as she washes her hair
Scream in the wind when she rides the faire
Scream in the shop as she tries on skirts
Scream in the club while she coldly flirts

Scream in the park as she feeds the...

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This seat on which she’s settled is no stranger,
This road down which she travels knows her name.
These places that she visits knows she’s coming,
And every day, her life is just the same.

These trees all whisper softly to her,
This grass begs ‘come and sit a while’.
These flowers shine all colours as she passes,
All of them are saying ‘Darling, smile’.

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