Ete Amour

Rookie (2-5-96 / Paris, France)

Biography of Ete Amour

My passion is for my boyfriend, Benjamin, and for writing poetry. I learned English in school, and I speak it quite well.....however, I've only been there twice in my life. I love flowers, and live in a home on a beach. My parents are deceased, and I am living with my boyfriend and his parents. Benjamin has given me a promise ring, and we plan to get married when we are older. Please, if you can, read my poems, and.....I believe that is all I have to say. Updates

Time Flies So Fast

Where the green sun sets
That's where we will be
Running and kissing and such.

You'll be there for me,
Watching, yet waiting
For me to always come back

There never will be
Time in the future
To be alone, without you.

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