Etebom Ekpo

Rookie (27, April,1985 / ONNA, Akwa ibom State, Nigeria.)

Biography of Etebom Ekpo

Etebom Ekpo poet

Etebom, was born on the 27th of April 1985. He's a christian, graduate of policy and administrative science in the University of Calabar.He enjoys the company of four brothers and two sisters.First poem, my bride- a letter to a girl friend. second, mama theresa - tribute to Grandma and also crying bird. he started writing poem in 2005

Etebom Ekpo's Works:

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Unto Thee, Heavens

Unto thee, I lay my hope
Upon thou most sacred place I look,
Because I have nothing but you
To trust my soul, upon a solid rock

I have been rob off all I got, then
I was told, you have nothing left,
But upon thee, high places, I cast my hope
The government which knows no fault

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