Etienne Charilaou

Etienne Charilaou Quotes

  • ''Activity is rest, rest is activity.''
    Etienne Charilaou
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  • ''A lovebird in a cage is not half as beautiful as one in the wild.''
    Etienne Charilaou
  • ''Cleanliness is next to godliness.
    Good spelling and grammar is next to cleanliness.''
    Etienne Charilaou
  • ''Great minds browse alike.''
    Etienne Charilaou
  • ''A bad mood is transmitted at the speed of thought.''
    Etienne Charilaou
  • ''While there's life there's hope but not enough to be squandered.''
    Etienne Charilaou
  • ''Gambling or gaming, as it is euphemistically called, is not a good way to make money; it is; however, a good way to lose money. In the same fashion, online dating is not a good way to find a wife.''
    Etienne Charilaou
  • ''Of all the activities in which we can engage, perhaps the best is the inactivity of the sage.''
    Etienne Charilaou
  • ''Every once in a long while I am surprised by the knowledge that I don't know everything; that the truth is the opposite in fact: that I don't know much of anything. At first this seems unfortunate but then I'm thankful to have been shown how proud I am 99.99% of the time.''
    Etienne Charilaou
  • ''We are not here to SAVE our lives but to SPEND them. So don't be overly frugal and spend wisely.''
    Etienne Charilaou

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Best Poem of Etienne Charilaou


The greatest poem ever writ
must lie below the summit
of the wordless,
for the greatest beauty and truth,
the greatest love,
lie far beyond poor groping words,
poor groping minds, poor groping memories,
poor groping wills - they reach -
but fail.

There is no way to gain the heights
of bliss sublime lest He so ordain;
and let fall the veil between.

So am I hushed.

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