Eudora M.A.S.S.A.

Eudora M.A.S.S.A. Poems

41. The Letter 8/2/2006
42. My Friend 8/2/2006
43. Shattered Dreams... Broken Smiles 3/29/2007
44. I Cry 3/27/2007
45. I Cry Myself To Sleep 3/27/2007
46. Like This 3/27/2007
47. The Fire Within Me 3/27/2007
48. With Every Thought Of You 3/27/2007
49. This Problem 4/9/2007
50. Missing You 8/2/2006
51. Not Alone 8/2/2006
52. You'Re Perfect 2/11/2007
53. Emo 3/27/2007
54. Denial 2/11/2007
55. Have You Ever Felt Your Heart Breaking? 2/11/2007
56. All The Time You Need 1/26/2007
57. Have You Ever? 8/24/2006
58. Happy Anniversary! 10/30/2006
59. I Lied 8/5/2006
60. Midnight Rape 4/6/2007
61. I Wish I Was Yours 1/26/2007
62. I Love You 8/2/2006
63. I Hate To Say 2/11/2007
64. Heart Made Of Stone 6/9/2007
65. My Chocolate Milk 8/3/2006

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Best Poem of Eudora M.A.S.S.A.

My Chocolate Milk

'Chocolate Milk' is a nickname

I love when you call me hun
I love when you call me sweety
I love when you call me love
I love calling you my baby.

I love the way you talk
I love the way you smile
I love how you effect me
I love how you ignore the 6953 miles

I love how you soothe me
I love how you kiss me
You’re not even here
But I can feel you hold me.

I love our conversations
I love how you comfort me
I love everything about you
I love the way you love me.

I love you for saying ‘when’ not ‘if’
I love you for ...

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The hot sun burned everyone into charcoal.
Everyone was looking for shade they can't find.
Women cared not for their babies
For they were running,
As the men followed behind.

The smell of burnt flesh suffocated the living.
The bloodcurdling screams
Of the infants instantly died

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