Eugene Levich

Gold Star - 7,815 Points [Li Yuch'ing]

Biography of Eugene Levich

Doctorate in Far Eastern Languages and Civilizations, the University of Chicago.

Eugene Levich's Works:

Levich, Eugene William. The Kwangsi Way in Kuomintang China,1931-1939. M. E. Sharpe,1993.

_______. A Teacher's Odyssey Through the Incompetence of American Public Education: An Expose and A Solution to the Problem. Trafford,2010. Updates


I meet her each night in a city of dreams.
Under a feverish sun my dream city gleams.
The waking world’s darkness is its light.
The waking world’s dawn becomes its night.

She there awaits me, graceful as a dove.
Ephemeral is life, eternal is love.
Flowing dark tresses frame her finely-wrought face,
Slender and poised at our dream-city place.

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