Eugene Levich

Gold Star - 7,655 Points [Li Yuch'ing]

Biography of Eugene Levich

Doctorate in Far Eastern Languages and Civilizations, the University of Chicago.

Eugene Levich's Works:

Levich, Eugene William. The Kwangsi Way in Kuomintang China,1931-1939. M. E. Sharpe,1993.

_______. A Teacher's Odyssey Through the Incompetence of American Public Education: An Expose and A Solution to the Problem. Trafford,2010. Updates


Sometime in the future the Sun will explode and destroy the Earth.
What then will this poem be worth...

Or anything else for that matter?

Since neither you nor I nor anyone else will still be here.

The plays of Sophocles, Euripides, and Shakespeare
Our long lost loves

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