Eugenia Reilly

Rookie (July 5,1929 / Texarkana, TX)

Biography of Eugenia Reilly

I was born in Texarkana, TX, and lived there nearly all my childhood life, but then Daddy got the callin and the Lord led him out to California, when I was about 16. He bought a ranch in Petaluma, and that's where I growed up till I was old enough to marry. I never did take to the place, but when the Lord calls you, you go.

I went to high school, and got married, because that's what women did back then. I never went to college, but I did good in all the ways that used to be important. I married a nice man who treated me well, and we have seven beautiful children, and 8 great-children. Some of thems in college, and we is real close.

I write now that I ain't got no kids at home. I lost my husband on October 17,1999. We had us some real good years together. When my kids and grand kids come to visit, we sit around the kitchen and read my poetry, and we just get to laughing so hard. I don't think I could write serious stuff. It's just not in me. Daddy used to say that God just blesses some with joy because He knew they was gonna need it. That's me. Updates

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