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Rookie (Oct 23,90 / Port macquarie, Australia)

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Eurasia PoetryDream poet

From Australia, but live in America

European decent and African decent.

Not a fighter but I will not take the disrespect. A daddy`s girl, but I still love my mama. I dream big and grant my own wishes. Updates

Im Living In A World

Im living in a world where bad is some how good,
A world that has me confuse and misunderstood.
Im living in a world where a joke shouldn't be played,
but the serious is taking for granted as it don't belong today.
America can be a spy for which it already is,
to sit back and transform to something unappreciative.
Day by day I live a life to no ones expense,
but find out I need to just to make sense.
So to all those people out there who are just walkin through a twirl,

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