Evelyn Norcott Biography

I, Evelyn Norcott, am a poetry-writer, over a poet (although I am made glad every time I am called Poetess :)) .
I write the thoughts that join me in scattered places. My ambition is to published, and for my written word to be read aloud.

I started writing when I was about 5. Silly songs about heartbreak I'd never felt, stories about elves and wolves, and poems about my cat's meadow-eyes. Since then, I've grown a little, but I never grew out of writing.

I share quotations from my person anthology OCC, which is a collection of poetry around nature and places - everything under the sun.
(OCC is something I wish to copyright before I share, so I will use the initials for now!)

Please don't hesitate to comment on and rate my poetry! I really do appreciate all feedback and it helps me to grow as a writer. Thank you! !

All the best,

- EN x

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