Evevona Plummer

Biography of Evevona Plummer

I was born July 11, in Hermen Hospital in Houston TX. Where there are always something or somewhere to do or go. I have a mother and a father name Mary Kay and Leon Plummer Jr. and I have a brother and sister who I love very much with all me heart. I was 6 pound baby with a big cute and around fat face. When my daddy got to the baby room to see which one was his baby girl. So he look and look and then said something. “That’s the one with the big head. That’s the one… Ever since then I have always been his baby girl, Evevona Leona Plummer.

At the age of 5 yrs old I started school “ Thurgood Marshall Elem.”. Was where I find my talent of singing. At that time mama always had me and my sister(Deann) always in church and choir. Man I use to hate always going to church. Monday thru. Sunday… I always thought to myself mommy why I got to go huh? Singing was a big thing in my family mama was a singer. She song ever since she was able to catch a tune. Mama always had me and Deann singing 24/7. I hated it as I grew on I came to realize how much I loved to sing.

At the age of 10yrs old I started a school something like Elementary but nothing like it. I had friends some haters but didn’t let them get to me some thing. All my life I was always teased still is. At that time mama sickness was getting worse and I had to give up my childhood to take care of her man I hate it. When her sickness got worse I started losing myself and friends. Daddy was always moody and mad at Deann. I was always sad and depress even angry if you get my drifted. No one understood how I felt or what was going on in my head. Well they thought they did… Me and daddy was always in the hospital waiting on mama hand and feet. Every night prayed that mama would get better and I could get back to being a normal girl with girlfriends as my dad would say Lol.
But as time went by I felt like things was getting worsted by the day. Its was so hard for me to think or have a life when you are worried that you may not see mama again. I cry so much that the walls felt my pain also.

There are times like this that makes a person think to them self what if that was me or that could have been me but it was me you know. Better when you look at me you would think twice of me. Huh? But during that period of time singing writing and dancing was my only friend when my back was against the wall. Stressed day after day times was hard but fought it. Those days were tough I so what got though.

At the age of 15teen yrs old I was in middle school and things were getting worse for me in the chapter of my life. Mama passed away I felt like no one was on my side. I started to hate every thing that I love very much like music, singing, writing and most of all dancing. That’s what I loved the most, and I that’s what kept my sanity.
Mean-while dealing with presser of growing up too fast. My feelings when she died made me feel abandoned, alone, sad, angry, had hate in my heart and most if all unloved. No one knew how I felt inside or what was running up and down my head. The more I held my feelings in the more I hurt the most. Matter of fact the more hurt I had I turn the hurt that I felt on the others who care the most you can say. At the time I didn’t feel good enough to do something with myself.

After my mother died my grades started to slip “oh when I mean slip I mean slip”. I wanted to give up didn’t no where to turn. I felt like life hated me so bad, school was so hard for me. It’s was so hard to understand. I was in the 8th grade feeling like a bad student who didn’t won’t to learn and trapped. Can’t move to a new life or you can say a higher grade. When I would sit in class I didn’t understand a damn thing. Then No More Victims came along a change my whole world around when it felt like everything was up side down. They helped me find my courage to love myself and what Ms. Gambrell (who is the C.E.O of NMVI) told me “because you exist makes you priceless and you absolutely precious.” So I carry that with for the rest of my life.

At the age of 16teen yrs old I started high school where I felt like I had I new begin in my life.9th grade started out bad but ended up awesome after the end of it was over I realize who I was and what my propose was there. I had so much fun, oh the school I went to was old Smiley High home of the golden eagle. We had all kinds of programs like Cinco De Mayo, Black History, The big one everyone love Homecoming. Homecoming was my favorite night of all when we had a homecoming talent show I won first place I felt important for once at the time.

Now I ‘m in the eleven grade gone to a new school name Kashmere High. Its good sometime it just depend on who and what’s going on that day. I’m in show much in Kashmere. Like AJROTC, Choir, Tennis, Mentor and Mentee Ship Program, And last No More Victims Inc. I have so many good and bad moments there but that life. Being there made me learn more about myself and make me wanna follow my dreams.

Now to conclude this I plan to go to college P.V. major in vocalist, science and minor in nursing. And become a famous Singer and Composer. We all have dreams and we all have to follow it you know.

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Today was day where I just felt like being in silence. Because like my teacher Ms. Mayes say there’s always a time to be silence and listen to what is going on around you. Let me explain my listening. Listening is when I am walking by myself thinking of tomorrow. Listening is what fills me with a binding eternal link to myself confidence.
There’s Listening in my inner child, and my outer adult.
Listening wrapping around my pulsing city walls. My Listening helps me fill this hollow world