Eyes Ofsole

Rookie (Second Millennium / Milkyway - Its not a chocolate bar -.-)

Biography of Eyes Ofsole

A poet to note on the ways and things of life. As well as one's reactions to the say and doing of another.

I myself am still researching the deepest corners of my soul, my brain and my turbulent seas of emotion to “correctly” identify the existence we bare and its due importance.

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Savage Beast

I jumped and on the turn of the neck I spotted it.
It was all I heard it was and more, my eyes lit

A true sight of disgust, I was in no way prepared.
Its unusual corpse, I presumed the sight its rear
How God works, only God knows. Who else would?
Would bring to the world a thing so powerful with no more emotion than wood
It bore layers, kaki and mucus coloured layers of tissue, flailing in most odd manner
On its head, there was tissue resembling the other

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