Eyo Justice Ellis

Rookie (3/8/1992 / Lagos, Nigeria)

Biography of Eyo Justice Ellis

Born in the August month of Babangida's penultimate year as the military president, Eyo Justice Ellis has grown up knowing the little things a child should know and thinking about the many disturbing issues men try to find solutions for. He attended the Ajumoni Secondary School in Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria.
He loves literature: the pleasant appeal that it has, the succour that it gives, its diligence, faith, and vision to deliver the messages that it carries straight from God into the chambers of the heart of its lovers and readers, millions of appreciators and hundreds of critics.
This is one of the many things that I have to say about literature and life: I have come to know literature as much as I know myself, but as little as I know life because life is the mystery that God has made for man never to understand.
He's an active writer and some of poems have been published on Words, Rhymes and rhythm a poetry page on Facebook, Society of Young Nigerian Writers anthology and other online sites and anthologies.

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The Palace Bandit

Fear is a possession I no longer own:
I shall be motivated by courage to reap what they've sown
For chaos is a lonely traveler in a desert,
A hungry beast that's seated and served a dessert
In a forest where hustles and bustles are deforested
By dying farmers who live to grow what they've harvested.

I shall not hold my peace against the children of Belial
For they've withheld our tribute and denied their denial

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