• ''You are who, what, where you are because of who, what, where you have been''
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  • ''Fear will kill or cripple you, if you dare wink at it''
  • ''The Only relationship you should have with fear, is ridding over it. Do not even shake hands''
  • ''wisdom is not in books, only knowledge is''
  • ''ignorance is peace not bliss''
  • ''consciousness is the enemy but don't fight it''
  • ''seekers find treasures but the idle has hinderances''
    goal setting
  • ''Everybody needs a good life but not all deserve it''
  • ''Anything, when new, calls attention.''
  • ''Science as a tool of God is suppose to make man understand God and His works not antagonise Him, it is supposed to explain to man the intangible and not mystify the tangible
    Science in the hand of a true bélîever will do the society much good. Fighting with this? Check on the fathers and prove yourself wrong''

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Best Poem of EZEKIEL MAU


Hope! Is the flight of
a wingless man
It is the light that brightens
the deepest night
When the moon light brings
a mare
And the morning beacons fear
This for you I plead,
have HOPE! !

When for you the world
its back turned
And the last bridge
to yonder greenland is burnt.
While the energy that gives a quell
is stocked.
This for you I plead,
have HOPE! !

Hope is free!
Hope is free! !
It needs no ticket to join
its fleet
Hope is free!
Yess! ! so free!
T'wil for you become a bridge.

Bringing ...

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The Ripper

How cruel art thou
OH! end of man.
Having neither foe nor friend,
Less more a scold nor trend.
Hide it no more from me
why the fiercest warrior,
thy cold embrace cannot conquer.
But than the speed of light
your blindness under.

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