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To me, the title is just as important as the work itself. Reading my poetry one will see that I am not limited to one or two genre's. I have touched on many topics; love, anger, betrayal, slam, sensual, etc. A person need only find a title that appeals to them and see where that takes them.

English and Literature having been my favorite subjects, I still feel they are of no assistance when it comes to true poetry; my personal opinion of poetry is that you cannot constrain an emotion within a format. If the only thing that can be said about a piece of poetry is that 'it is perfectly formatted, ' then it is not poetry. Poetry should be felt.

Of course you must keep in mind that this is my opinion. I have many formatted pieces; most to simply show that I can. But many are not and you can tell. These were to release trapped feelings and so are more important to me than one that simply fit within a poetry form.

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