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F R Wills was born in West Yorkshire and is inspired by the beautiful scenery of the Dales. She loves to write poems and short stories and to read fiction.

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On Your Doorstep

The heather whistled in the wind
The waterfall crashed over the rocks
The sound of children's voices rang
The flag flew in the soft wind

The cottage stood strong
Windows thrown open in welcome
A thin trail of smoke rose from the chimney
The roses climbed the walls

Girls ran in the meadow
Daisy chains around their necks
White cotton skirts flowing
Bare feet wet with dew

A regiment came to the town
They mentioned a war
They called it the Great War
They said they needed help

They called for men to fight
No one came
They asked again
No one came

They went back to their homes
Never thinking of it again
That was until they came
With their loaded guns

Boots trampled the mud
The mud is all that is left
The grass decimated by tanks
The river bed stands dry

The flag is trodden into the mud
Only a hint of blue can be seen
The meadow is a barren battle field
The Daisies all are gone

The cottage stands in ruin
It's walls burnt to the ground
The only faint memory
A singed rose petal

They'd called for men to fight
No one came
They'd asked again
No one came

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F R Wills Popularity

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