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On Your Doorstep

The heather whistled in the wind
The waterfall crashed over the rocks
The sound of children's voices rang
The flag flew in the soft wind


Lovely, that's what she seems.
But truly, that's all dreams.
She tries, of that she's sure,
But at empathy she's poor.

Life After Love

I don't love you
I swear It everyday
The words are natural
As your name once was on my lips


Loving losers lost Lyca's life.
Life lost losers loving Lyca.
Rain rose ruefully round Rosie.
Rosie reigned ruefully round Rose.

Am I The Enemy?

Gunshots pierce the peace
Tanks trample the track
They came with their loaded guns,
Forced us out of our homes

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F R Wills was born in West Yorkshire and is inspired by the beautiful scenery of the Dales. She loves to write poems and short stories and to read fiction.

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