Fab Ricciardi

Rookie (Aug.29,1962 / Milan, Italy)

Biography of Fab Ricciardi

Fab Ricciardi is a freelance writer, a published poet, and aspiring playwright.

Born in Milan, Italy in 1962, he is presently residing in Toronto, Canada.

Graduated with a diploma in Computer programming and Systems Analysis, but a love for food took him into the food industry, and became involved in all aspects of the food business, from sales to manufacturing and distribution.

He then trained as a chef and traveled extensively while perfecting his cooking, (most recently managing a resort restaurant during a 1 yr. stint in the Caribbean.)
He also worked as a bodyguard/bouncer and did TV/movie work as a stunt extra.
The experiences encountered in his travels and various job positions fuelled his love for writing and the arts, and began to avidly write and paint his stories.

He has written for food magazines, such as Fine Dining, Ontario Rest. News, and various trade newspapers.

His poetry has been published in various Toronto newspapers, and can be found in many poetry websites. He’s written and submitted several short stories and plots for TV and/or stage adaptation.

Fab Ricciardi's Works:

The Alcoholic’s Morning Thought

The Alcoholic’s Morning Thought is a collection of writings based on the heartfelt poetry by Fab Ricciardi, written during what he describes, as an alcoholic’s brief moments of clarity. He tells a story through poetry, narrated with simple words spoken from the heart, the street and the soul.

The poetry is haunting and disturbing at times, as it allows people to enter the mind of the alcoholic in its truest form…through his heart and soul.
It is made up of stories that could be understood by all, in simple prose verses, depicting the daily destruction of a tormented soul and his fight while trying to find a way out. A way out from a world unrecognizable by those who have never been through it, but a world very familiar to those who’ve been there or know someone that has, or is going through it.

The words are written from his own thoughts, his own pain and pleasures during, before and after the drinking is done, and also from a compilation of the whispers of the many broken souls he encountered during his drinking days. Through his poetry, he tells stories of forgotten memories, of pain afflicted to himself and others, of morning thoughts and of daily wishes for a better life.
Through the haze of pain and pleasures endured during many years of drinking, we see a man’s quest for a better world, narrated through his poetry.

The poetry is not meant to teach a lesson, but rather to interpret one person’s writing from his heart and soul, to allow others to understand that this is not a story to be kept hidden in a closet. This is a tale meant to be shared, and to let people understand the feelings of grief, fore longing and helplessness felt by the alcoholic as the poison takes over. A black and white existence in a colour filled world.


Somebody Or Nobody (Published by Libri XPress,2006)
Poetry from the heart, the street and the soul)

A collection of poems through the course of a life from birth to death and everything in between.
A must-have for all to enjoy.

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Unfinished Business

Cannot seem to find the words
As easily
The words do not flow out of my pen
As they did once before.
So poem after poem
Goes unfinished

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