Faeo de Lyre

Rookie (16th August 1989 / Isseke - Ihiala)

Biography of Faeo de Lyre

Faeo de Lyre poet

Literature is a precious truth upon a
Revelation of the untold tongue of
Grammar, that man is wont to utter.
It is that hard his science works that
Comes over any's unconvincing politics.
Aye! Come it to note that I Faeo
de Lyre a.k.a. Faeo 'Lyre' Clive ___ a
Kinsman of Olaudah Equiano a.k.a.
Gustavus Vassa, is about that which
Becomes literary; blithe would I breathe
Upon. In love, about health and life,
For the buyers and in withdrawal, I
Deposit intil the literary but from
Prizes for I know not the calling. I
Forgave this blood circulate and
Thus God breathe on him; that is
The Literary and in me as it runs
But in my penitence, as for God as
In Poesy mine. I bought this clock
But that he conquered my breast.
Poesy is what I labour to cultivate
In a bountiful fruition; to show
Thus in might intil that I dream.
I have no star in my store but legends.

Would one count my fingers? Of the
Leopard family, if added let's divide, I
Digest my peace intil sadness but sad
Intil the forgive no red. Lots shall
Not become me; when they shall, I shall
Not. Thus, stoical intil the fed, I
Shall lose over my charge. I am
Not a figure but one symbol, sunny.
This hand is the heaviest of me,
Though in breakages. Alas! The
Literary prey on my science. Introvert
I aimed, shakespearean; intil a
Catholic devout, teetotal, a non
Smoker and despite a bachelor,
Spends no leisure after philandering.

Stirred to forgo the proud, I lag
Behind no other's affaire but to
Grace any grass. This small I boy,
The bigger I man. I am not a
Star; I am a sun. I love but the
Modelling. Subsequently, intil a
Nom de plume, variously known made
I intil Mcfal, Mcfaleo Clive and
Faeo Clive until eventually settled
On Faeo de Lyre a.k.a. Faeo Lyre Clive
___ labels mine, as I take home but
Erect at me and in my family.

Post-penultimately, breathes my
Literature intil the honour of the
Bard of Avon ___ my ghost writer,
Gustavus Vassa ___ my native hand,
Family and friends, that herein
I gave up wholly to; then of all
Grace intil the almighty but Demiurge

I do not take fooled betrayed, but
A fool taken. Thus, playing 'round
Nature, measure me not unaware; you
Are but taking my back. Those are
Blinks intil the sightless; so kiss me
Intil that my tongue root, for I lay
On your neighbouring, and let the nib
Of our hand essay alike intil our
Inks scribe in either.

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I Am Careless

Not in my secret but better friend as
Enemy, hold me now you can; jump that neglect
Not. Slain intil easement and fragile intil pass.
My goin' has b'gun and on; and of my pace
Not clear but wont to valour and solace

Nor though the b'holders made forth twosome but
Ne'er oblig'd lone in the personal and
Yet can but an, thus at the loss in knot.

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