Faith Franklin

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Faith Franklin Poems

1. Angel 8/31/2012
2. Broken 8/31/2012
3. Love 9/4/2012
4. Normal 9/4/2012
5. What Is Normal 9/5/2012
6. Free Me 9/5/2012
7. I'M Free 10/3/2012
8. Kiss 10/3/2012
9. Falling 10/3/2012
10. Lock And Key 10/4/2012
11. Wish 10/5/2012
12. Love #2 10/5/2012
13. Rules 10/15/2012
14. The Fear In Me 10/22/2012
15. Scared 10/22/2012
16. One Night 10/26/2012
17. Silently 12/5/2012
18. Red Tears 12/5/2012
19. Back 4/17/2013
20. Roses 10/15/2012
21. My Wish 10/2/2012
22. I' M Okay 10/4/2012
23. Vampyres 9/5/2012
24. Wipe Your Tears Away 9/10/2012
25. Bad Grades 10/25/2012
26. Blood Red Rose 10/15/2012
27. What Is It 10/4/2012

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Best Poem of Faith Franklin

What Is It

What is it my angel,
What is it that you fear?
You keep looking over your shoulder
Like you're runnin' from the years

What makes you slow to love me?
What made you not trust my kiss?
You keep trying to forget about something,
What is it my dear?

What makes you weep so much darlin'?
What made you shed your tears?
You keep hiding from the world,
Like you are afraid it will smell your fears.

Whatever it is that plagues you,
Whatever pain that you have seen
tell it all to me,
Give your troubles to me.
I am here for you ...

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What Is Normal

what is normal?
might i ask?
is it a set idea?
can it be changed?
who is normal really?
if normalcy is only an idea
given to us by society.
can't normal be
why must everyone who doesn't fit in
be labeled strange?
why, why why?

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