Faith Offerman

Rookie (2/7/94 / Sterling VA)

Biography of Faith Offerman

Poetry is a huge part of my life and I enjoy writing it with all of my heart. Sometimes it takes me months to come up with a poem, other times it just comes to me. I do not like writing about tooty fruity things like how great love is or about rainbows and unicorns, I write about heartbreak and horror. Occasionally I'll break off of my normal poetry ways, but it is on rare occasions and usually I feel those poems don't turn out as well as I would have liked them to. I am not a depressed person, I just feel I can write better if it is about heartbreak, horror, dispair, anger, hatred, and other things. Updates

Not Being What They Seem

Last night while I lay deep in sleep
There came the strangest dream.
A voice was warning of good men
Not being what they seem.

It said to beware false prophets
Who spew out words of hate.
Remember God loves all of us,
We each decide our fate.

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