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1. ? ? ? ? 5/23/2009
2. I Hate You With Love 5/24/2009
3. Broken. 5/24/2009
4. She Is Me 5/24/2009
5. Emo Is What They See 5/24/2009
6. Song Of Pain 5/24/2009
7. I'Ve 5/24/2009
8. He Lied 5/24/2009
9. Love Is 5/24/2009
10. There For You 5/24/2009
11. Cloudy Gray 5/24/2009
12. Man 5/24/2009
13. Trust.... 5/24/2009
14. So Pretty 5/24/2009
15. Just A Thought 5/27/2009
16. Unspoken Love 5/27/2009
17. My Love 5/31/2009
18. Not Meant To Stay 6/1/2009
19. Lie's 6/4/2009
20. Moments 6/8/2009
21. What Do They See? 6/8/2009
22. Snow At Night 6/8/2009
23. Lover 5/22/2009
24. Fool 5/22/2009
25. Silent 5/22/2009
26. Believe 5/23/2009
27. Mistake 5/23/2009
28. The Incomplete Phase 5/23/2009
29. Remembered Past 5/23/2009

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Remembered Past

The fimiler breath of your old lies.
Somehow changed my life.

Every now and again I remember we were friends.
Even though its in the past maybe can change at last.
I remember your long lost stare
I remember the sent of your hair.
I remember every touch an kiss,
I remember my fingers tracing your lips.

I remember losing you bit by bit
I remember when it slipped.
I remember when I fell
I remember how it felt

But what I remember the most is that you didn't hurt.
That you were okay with letting go

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This is when I say that life has gone its way
Its taken me in its grip
I guess I let myself slip
Who would of guessed
I'm just a misfit.

During the day I sit in say I'm never going to save the day
Somehow I don't believe myself
I cant let it be this way
Because I want to save the day
I want to live my way.

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