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Faith Wood Poems

41. Contrary Mary 2/24/2007
42. Call It Karma 10/2/2007
43. Untitled 10/2/2007
44. Apartment 6/9/2008
45. Minefield 6/9/2008
46. Plans 6/9/2008
47. Everything I Say Is A Weapon Against Me 6/9/2008
48. Vines 6/23/2008
49. A Performing Art 7/12/2008
50. You Will Never Fall 7/12/2008
51. Without Permission 7/12/2008
52. Sincerity Stays At Home 7/12/2008
53. Rising Tide 8/22/2008
54. Together But Apart 8/22/2008
55. Peace It Together 8/22/2008
56. The Flood 9/8/2008
57. Flash Photography 1/19/2009
58. I'Ll Meet You In Congress 1/19/2009
59. The Distiction Of Soldiers 1/19/2009
60. What Keeps Me (In) Sane 6/14/2008
61. Happy Mother's Day 6/23/2008
62. Push And Pull 1/19/2009
63. Where Are You, Don Imus? 4/13/2007
64. Like A Carousel 6/23/2008
65. Dinner And A Movie 1/19/2009
66. Beyond All Recognition 3/2/2007
67. New Directions 5/12/2008
68. Stop, Drop, And Roll 12/31/2006
69. If I Was America's Next Top Model 4/13/2007
70. A Reference To Pop Culture 10/2/2007
71. Downhill 2/18/2007
72. Fire And Ice 8/19/2007
73. Frozen 6/14/2008

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Best Poem of Faith Wood


I used to freeze time,
pocket the laughter and hold on to smiles
I'd have the scene carved into my eyes
so it would never leave my mind
All the nightmares and sick days
were washed away with the strongest of chemicals
only to relieve the repeating memories
But that's not how to live
I learned that the hard way

All I ever wanted was to keep us close
Not move too fast and ignore the ghosts
I'd lay awake for days
just stagnant in the best of times,
not noticing the hand tick by
The moment has changed and time is gone
and who knows what's next to...

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Stop, Drop, And Roll

I got a pocket full of sincerity
and a fist full of honesty
that says the truth is hard to handle
So let's set ourselves up for breaking up
and for fights where we were to busy to admit our mistakes

Stop, drop, don't even think about rolling,
rolling right on away
We have so much time left

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