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Hi, I am Naveen Kumar and you'v known me as Faithful Addiction. I like it as this is an exacting description of me, a metaphor that defines me well.

I dream for Love and Peace in the whole world and believe that we are all Human, one race... and my religious values revolve around the practice of 'Humanity' as that's what I believe in.... Love is what make us all and we all should love this clan, with no bigotry, racism or any other lustful, boastful influence upon us.

Do good, Be good and expect good.... but also be ready for the worse, in form of betrayals... as those who you trust most are the ones who would one day betray your trust...

But then that's Nature.... and I have a strong believe that Nature is quite against Humanity.... Lust, Greed are Nature's tools for Survival of Fittest.

Humanity is an art we have to learn... trust me its not easy... you have to be ready to give sometime love, sometime good advice, sometime money, sometime your favourite shirt... but that's being Human, a lovely one.... always ready to give but never gives up.

People say I don't talk much.... well I scream inside.

Faithful Addiction's Works:

Never thought about it.... and perhaps never will. Updates

Came To End….! !

I am standing stiiiill – where I lost you,
I just walk across my self – every day,
Still healing the paiiiin – where you gave it up,
As I miss your being beside me – you’ve walked away.

And all that love that we held inside,
Just wan-ted to fly – leave the world behind,
Like there is no tomorrow – for the drifting sands,
And this all that mesmerized me – came to end.

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