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Here it sits. A blank something for me to fill with nothing. I look at the little line that makes letters magically (maybe) appear on the page, and it seems so impatient, almost screaming for me to write before it blows everything up. Like a time bomb, ticking, waiting for me to decide the fate of... what?

I am Marissa.
But only a few know if that is really my name.
After all, here on the internet, everyone
Is faceless, nameless, heartless
And only a few (The beautiful few)
Are who they say they are
My name is not Fallen Too Far, because what stupid retard would name their kid
Some depressing emo name
And still be normal?
But I have to use it because if I don't,
If I show the world who I am
Chances are, (And they are very high)
Someone will use it to fulfill some dark pleasure
And I am a girl (Woman?)
Who has the right to say
What the Hell? ?
Why the Hell? ?
Get the Hell Out of Here! !

...Don't look at me that way. I understand what Im saying. So I guess that's all that matters.
I am defiant.
I am indifferent.
I am in love.
I am alive.
I am irreplacable.
I am untainted.
I am me.

The End

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the rain
it washes away all of me
into little pools of mystery
to gather all my thoughts
and then send them spinning
into oblivion.

the sky
it grabs my soul

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