Fallen Too Far

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Fallen Too Far Poems

41. It's Good To Know You'Re Alive 11/26/2007
42. Who Will Save Me From Myself? 12/11/2007
43. He's Contaminated With The Pandemic Called Stupid 1/7/2008
44. Starmelody 1/7/2008
45. When We Know Is How We Forget 1/22/2008
46. Rhapsody 5/1/2006
47. Look On 5/11/2006
48. Radius Of The Sun 5/19/2006
49. Solitary Terror 5/21/2006
50. Dracula My Love / Lust 7/18/2007
51. Piano In A Painting 7/18/2007
52. Moreover... 7/18/2007
53. I Would Know If I Were Him... 7/18/2007
54. Childish 7/23/2007
55. Ridiculous Though It May Seem 7/24/2007
56. Sun To Rise Again 7/24/2007
57. Can'T Go Back 7/24/2007
58. I Can'T Move Or I Would 2/21/2008
59. Thus I Screamed And Was Heard Inexplicable 2/21/2008
60. I'Ll Hold On 3/5/2008
61. Staticicosity 5/8/2008
62. Do Not Cry, Loved One. The Earth Is Almost Over 10/24/2008
63. I Am Struck By Your Appearance-Completely 7/3/2007
64. Sometimes, It's Just An Off Day 7/4/2007
65. Xoxo 7/12/2007
66. Leave A Message After The Beep 7/12/2007
67. What Title Do You Give Death? 7/12/2007
68. City Lites 7/12/2007
69. Re-Charge 7/12/2007
70. Found (& Lost) 7/12/2007
71. Please Don'T Find My Death Disturbing 7/12/2007
72. Pass Me By Slowly 7/12/2007
73. Mom 7/12/2007
74. What You Find In Their [mind] 8/1/2007
75. Freefall 9/10/2007
76. Wordshower[scream...] 9/11/2007
77. Dear... 10/16/2007
78. I Cannot Sleep (Nor Can You) 10/16/2007
79. Were It That Time 10/16/2007
80. How Do You Look For Something That's Not There? 10/17/2007

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All The Riches Of Royalty

The king sat in his silver bathtub one morning
And he realized, as he soaked in the soft bubbles
That you can not rule your kingdom from a silver bathtub

So he did what any other king in a silver bathtub would do-
He got out.

Looking down, he realized that he was standing on his silver rug
And as he dried his arms, he considered that perhaps
You cannot rule a kingdom from a silver bathroom rug

So he slowly stepped off of the rug, and watched the patterns of his feet
Disappear into the silver carpet.

The king walked over to his window and looked ...

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Look On

look on
this is me
standing here
on the side lines
quiet, but acutely aware
of you
maybe you noticed.
look on
while i sing

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