Fane Oat

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Biography of Fane Oat

My name is Fane Oat, yes, I know I have a crappy last name, so call me Fane. I am eleven years old, and considered slightly harsh. Some people say I was meant to sing and dance, but I don't agree. I will stick with writing and poetry. I have been known to have quite a temper, but then again, who doesn't? Mine roars like the flames of hell, dancing across a now golden sky.

I love horses, but at my age, that isn't unusual. Updates

Being Cool

I got mixed up with the wrong gang,
They smoked Marijuana and said lots of slang.
I said ‘sure, ’ just to be cool,
But now you know, that I was a fool.
I was trying to be popular, as you can see,
I knew I shouldn’t of done it, I guarantee.
Now I’m sitting in my sullen grave,
Letting out tears, for I am depraved.
Throughout my very last days, I had a world of pain,

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