Fane Oat

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Biography of Fane Oat

My name is Fane Oat, yes, I know I have a crappy last name, so call me Fane. I am eleven years old, and considered slightly harsh. Some people say I was meant to sing and dance, but I don't agree. I will stick with writing and poetry. I have been known to have quite a temper, but then again, who doesn't? Mine roars like the flames of hell, dancing across a now golden sky.

I love horses, but at my age, that isn't unusual. Updates

The White Stallion

A pure white stallion, in a crowded pen,
Whipped to submission by hating men.
No longer wild and free.
No longer happy you see.
Torchered and hurt, with no cease.
All the Yelling and Screaming, there is no peace.
Yes I agree, he could be so much more,
With wings like eagles, he could soar.
But this white stallion, is truly a broken Heart,

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